Beware! Of Dog Trainers Who Want to Board and Train Your Dog!

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I have been involved in the dog training industry for almost 20 years.  I have seen a lot in my time and I have done things that other people would probably kill to do (like work with Cheetahs).

This is one of those “Tips” I have learned over the years.

Be very careful of someone who says they can “fix” all your dog’s problems if the dog lives with them or in their kennel for a specific period of time!

Please understand that there are a lot of GREAT dog trainers out there!

But my experience with this kind of dog training (even from a dog trainer’s perspective) is not good.

Why This is Not Good…

Usually this is very expensive and usually it is “guaranteed”.

I could charge you $1000 for a couple weeks of  “guaranteed” training and promise to fix any problem.  But one of the problems is that the dog will work for ME.

I CAN get a dog to do just about anything.

I am gooood!  The sky is the limit with dog training for me.  I can control aggression (I believe most aggression cannot be cured) and I can fix a behavior problem in a very short period of time!

If I came to your house and you gave me your dog for a few minutes you would be amazed to watch the transformation before your eyes.

I know what I am looking for, I can recognize the signs of aggression BEFORE your dog shows it, and I can train specific behaviors or fix simple behavior problems very quickly.

I have never met a dog that I couldn’t work.



That doesn’t mean YOU will have all these attributes when your dog comes home.

YOU will not recognize the signs of aggression before your dog shows them, you will not have the years of experience to know how to get your dog to perform a set of skills like I can; and ultimately your dog is going to live with YOU not me!

puppy training

This is Never the Way!


How often do you think your dog will come out of his crate or kennel?

Most often, it is only once (maybe twice) per day for 15 minutes to an hour, if he is lucky.

The rest of the time he will be rotting in a kennel.

Unfortunately I have seen a lot of this in my career.

Remember how I said I only need a few minutes to work miracles with your dog?  Even if he was living with me that is all I would need.  Many dog trainers are busy trying to make a living and so those that choose this type of training usually have a kennel full of dogs to train.

The odds of interaction are not in your dog’s favor!!!

Even if your trainer swears the dog will live with him, be leery!

Compulsion is Faster

Beware!  Compulsion; prong collars, choke chains, and shock collars are faster and the dog trainer doesn’t have to deal with the repercussions later in the training process.

I Have Been There and I Have Done This Kind of Trainingpuppy training

Not everyone who does this kind of training is bad, or has bad intentions.  Some people have integrity no matter what and these are the ones you would need to find.

But I only did it for people who were at the end of their “leash” as it were and were considering taking their dog to a shelter.

And, in those cases the dogs did live with me in my home.  I didn’t have a kennel nor did I take more than one dog at a time, but I always wondered if this kind of training (since the dog was learning to work for me) even worked.

I usually figured within a short amount of time the dog would regress to his former behavior.

But, usually people are too ashamed to admit they haven’t kept up on the training so I rarely heard from any of the owners of the dogs I took in.

I could assume “I am AWESOME” but chances are higher that they were just afraid to contact me.

In Order For Your Dog to Change

YOU need to be involved.

Chet Writes: That’s one of the reasons its so important to use a course like my Hands Off Dog Training course to learn how to control your dog, instead of relying on someone else.

It doesn’t matter whether you need help potty training, leash training or working on aggression; YOU are the one that needs to learn how to work your dog and what your dog looks like if he is showing signs of aggression.

Beware of anything that seems too good to be true!!  It probably is!!




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  1. Kathy says:

    I have a question. I go to a yearly event that is down the block from a dog breeder that has been long established (40+yrs) and respected. I have seen them there that long so I know it is true. Last year we were in need of a puppy and couldn’t find the right one. (ComplicAted story ) We stopped there and found the happiest social mellow golden 6 month old puppy who came home with us and is our Sunshine. He seemed to come pre socialized, no problems with dogs of any size, people of any size. Some commands he seemed to know already, thank God, cause he started running when gate was open and he sat when we yelled stop. Yes he learned jackpot then.
    So the event is coming up again. Do we kennel him there (most convenient and most $) or at another boarding kennel hr was at and came home happy?
    Don’t want him to feel he was being “returned” but he could see mom and dad and they have more play space. Opinions?


    Minette Reply:

    I don’t think dogs have that “deep” of a thinking process.

    He may be upset to be left in general but he has no concept of being “returned” unless he has been to a shelter a few times (I do think those dogs know).

    I would take him where he will be most happy and cared for best, always!


  2. Kayleen Cucugliello says:

    What type of programs do you have?
    We are looking to sen dour 2 year old Maltese to a week or 2 training session, straight.
    He needs to learn how to listen!


    Minette Reply:


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