If You Only Teach Your Dog ONE Command, This Should Be It

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dog training, puppy training, teaching your dog to come when called

It was a beautiful sunny day…

I was out training with a client and her dog the other day, when it happened…

Something that can never be undone.

Something that will affect each of us that were there that day.

Another dog was with his owner at the park, playing ball.

I could see the look in his eye as he saw us and began barreling toward us, as fast as he could.

His Owner Was Trying to Call Him Back

She then began to chase him, frantically calling, trying to get her dog to come back.

The park was bordered by a very busy road (and a blind corner).

As the other dog crossed the street, he was hit by a passing car.

His owner was still calling his name…

I was racing toward the road to stop traffic…

But, I was just too late. It wasn’t the driver’s fault.

She cried with us as we tried to lift his body out of the road.

It was too late to do anything to help him; I think he was killed immediately.

His Owner Was Inconsolable

He was a 9 month old puppy.

puppy training, dog training, teaching your dog to come when calledShe had 4 children who were out with their father for the day.

She had just decided to walk him to the park and try to burn off some steam.

Apparently he loved other dogs and was running over to play with my client’s dog (who was dog aggressive, by the way).

I lifted his limp body and carried him about a mile to her house because she couldn’t stand the thought of leaving him.

Then, I helped to load him into her car so that she could take him to her vet before her kids got home.

I was covered in blood and I was emotionally devastated.

I hurt for her and her family.

It didn’t matter what I did for a living. I, of course, didn’t even mention it.

I Could Have Saved Her Dog’s Life

I wish I had met her under different circumstances.

This could have all ended differently.

I could have saved her dog’s life if I had the opportunity to help her teach her dog to come!

So what is my answer when I am asked “what ONE command should my dog know”?

It is the COME command (or the recall)! It’s the most important command when training your puppy (or dog).

And, you know what?

You have to be better and more exciting than EVERYTHING else going on around your dog!

You have to be more important than

  • Squirrels
  • Kids
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Scooters
  • Bikes
  • Birds
  • People
  • A ball

And, if you are not, or your dog is easily distracted, your dog should NOT come off leash!

But, let’s face it, sometimes dogs run out of doors, or a leash is dropped, and the dog needs a bullet proof recall or come command.

For help teaching your dog this most important command, click below.


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