Should You Use Potty Pads with Your Dog?

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puppy potty training, potty pads for dog

Quick Tip – Should You Use Potty Pads with Your Dog?

Ahhhh the age old question…

Anyone who really knows me and knows my writing, knows my answer to this little question!

NO, no, no, no, don’t do it, and NO!

I know, I know I have heard from several of you who have never had a problem with potty pads and integration to the outside.

I have even heard from some of you who are proponents of potty pad but are still having trouble potty training your puppy (I don’t understand how people stick to something when it is not working).

We Used to Call it Paper Training

We used to call this kind of potty training “paper training” because people used newspapers to give the puppy an appropriate place to potty.

And, crazy as it may be, this kind of training was more effective!


Because most people don’t leave newspaper scattered on the floor or around their house.

Think about it; unless you are a hoarder, you probably don’t have a bunch of paper on your walls or on your floor.

So, once the newspapers disappear the puppy is more likely to acclimate to going outside.

Potty Pads

puppy potty training, potty pads for dogPotty pads aren’t like newspaper.

Potty pads are soft and plush.

Potty pads feel like your carpet, your clothes, your towels.

So when the potty pads disappear the puppy begins to use soft things he finds on the floor or walls of your house.

And, let’s face it… there are a lot of soft things in the floor of our homes!

I have seen many puppies scratch towels down from their towel racks so that they have something potty pad “like” to go to the bathroom on.

That is why I don’t like potty pads, they have become something that is too much like other things we have and keep in our homes.

Yet, ironically newspaper probably wouldn’t sell, because people think they want something soft and plush for their puppies to pee and poop on inside.


Personally I would rather not teach my dog to go potty inside my house.  It is counterintuitive if I want him to learn to go potty outside.

So it is better for me to get him outside every two hours, rather than to allow him to form a bad habit.

If He Has to Go Inside

But, if he has to have an option to go potty inside (perhaps you work long hours).

puppy potty training, potty pads for dog

I would much rather teach him to use one of those grass pads that you put in your home.


Because there is nothing else in my house that looks like or feels like grass!

I don’t want a dog that poops or pees on carpet, clothes, towels or anything else that I have in my home.

I want him to understand the clear boundaries of going potty outside or going potty on something that isn’t similar to anything else in his environment.



There are 10 Comments

  1. ankeeta says:

    It is something that i was searchng for. Thnk you very much.


  2. Janet says:

    Now you tell me. Bernie was only 7 weeks old (I know he was too young but it had to be) and I thought he was too little to hold it very long. He is now 4 months and we are struggling to move from pads to outside. We have a dog door but he will go outside and play, come back in and potty.


    Minette Reply:

    I hate doggy doors for the same reason


  3. Ann Gibson says:

    Thank you very much very useful info.


  4. Julia says:

    Same with my puppy Yoshi she’s so use to the pee Pads and waits to come inside the house to go potty. We go for a walk and she won’t go.


  5. Ed Smith says:

    I have a 9 week old lab. We take her out potty on schedule. She will walk around, then lay down and not go. we take her back in the house and as soon as she starts walking, she will pee………HELP!


    Minette Reply:

    Crate immediately when the puppy comes in if she doesn’t pee outside


  6. Karen Ann Burley says:

    Please I need some help!!
    We got our beagle when he was 10 months old and he had been kept outside. He is now 2 and were still trying to get him to go #2 outside its hit or miss.
    Mostly miss he just does not seem to get it. He is so busy sniffing everything
    That I don’t even think he remembers why he’s out there. Please help!!!


    Minette Reply:

    Potty training is more about YOU than anyone else in the equation, read this


  7. Constance says:

    I have more of a question than a comment if someone can help. I’m severely handicapped and I can only get out of bed a few times a day for a very limited time. Yes, I used the potty pads because I cannot always get up to take her out when she needs it and she knows to go on them. She has also been trained to our pee outside on command. My problem is the pooping. I go in the bathroom so she goes in the bathroom (yay because it’s easier to clean up but boo because she will not go outside). So the next answer normally is to crate her but…remember that part about only being able to get out of bed a few times a day? I can’t keep her kenneled all day. Not fair to her and frankly it’s hard to know how long I have to stay in bed until I can move again to take her out. Recommendations?


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